Design, Front-end, Back-end

Working with prominent angel investor Gil Penchina, I built and launched a service that helps angel investors collaborate together to grow their startups faster.


Design, Front-end

I was the design lead for a seed-stage startup working on collaborative software. Groupiter was a Dropbox extension that supported conversations around visual files. We were in batch 4 of 500 Startups.


Mobile & Dashboard Design

I was the design lead on a project for Creative Channel Services (Omnicom). Mobjob is a sharing-economy app that connects market researchers with big brands. For example, a brand can offer a pick-up task to check whether their products are being displayed correctly in-store. The brand can see results from all over a large geographical area without having to deploy their own field staff.


Director of User Experience

I joined Wikia as their first full-time designer. I built a team of ten designers and researchers, and together we completely redesigned the site, built our first mobile and tablet apps, and optimized several key flows, helping to double wiki creations & attract more traffic.


Design & Swift Development

I built my own app in Swift. GIFUTU is designed to make you laugh at least once a day. It shows you funny GIFs that you can upvote or downvote. As you vote, GIFUTU learns what you like. GIFUTU is an experiment in habit building, and is available in the Canadian app store.

I can help

I love helping people build things.
Please get in touch if you have a project you'd like to talk about.